While I agree with your idea we need to beyond identity politics, I reject your petition for me drop identity politics. I did not create them, yet I am forever impacted by them. I am lied to these politics. I am disenfranchised by these politics. So for you to ask me to drop identity politics…is identity politics like a weapon used by you on me. Without saying these specific words whether you realize it or not you have put me on notice. You’re saying to me I don’t want to think about my concerns. You also don’t want to have to extend any empathy to me because of my identity, a black woman. That’s what I hear anyway. To not acknowledge the obvious then asking me to redirect my thinking to how we all suffer in similar ways while ignoring the major ways we do not, is privilege. It’s a privilege sir you have and one that I do not.

Please enjoy your patriarchy and privilege. And you enjoy the blessings you are born with. I will continue to do the best I can to survive these unfair systems I must maneuver because I was born the wrong sex and race.

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