While this “likability” issue addresses said problem among men which is indeed rooted in patriarchy, it does not discuss the issue with “likability” among minorities, other women, or young people not feeling Senator Warren.

Warren represents something, something that permeates American culture. Something that seemingly won’t die. She represents a feminism, “it’s my (White lady) time to shine” attitude, among other somethings. It’s typical. It’s to be expected.

For some of us, we realize what those somethings are, but people tend to not listen to us (People of Color). We warned about Hillary and Trump, but no one listened, look where that got us. We’ve seen this movie before, and many aren’t swayed by one way or the other by Warren or many of the other female candidates planning to run for office. I hate to throw out stereotypes, but there are several real ones typical of women/saviors/do-gooders like Warren. It’s not her fault, it just is. In any event, many of us aren’t buying what Warren’s selling.

After the disastrous 2016 GOP primaries, hell a racoon or an Iguana could run for president and would have as much experience as the current occupant. Donald Trump has busted any and every myth about likability, education, experience, or any other qualification one must have to be a good, quality, candidate for President. Something is clearly wrong with American politics, and a bunch of female candidates running for President or assessing likability won’t solve these problems.

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