White people are the only people who seemingly don’t know a racist and need clarification. Everyone else knows including those Black and Browns who follow racist Pied Piper who tolerates them for the sake of status, capitalism, and their own self-hating racist views.

I said this in 2016, and I will say this again. Dems have their own race problem. The inability to figure out how to deal with Trump says it all for me.

If you can’t recognize this moment it’s because you don’t want to know or because you are covertly racist yourself. If you don’t have a plan now, it’s because it’s not your problem. You’ve been apathetic and on the sidelines watching the escalating racism in America since 2008 and sat silently like most Dems when Obama was humilated before the world by his own racist people as well as leaders abroad. They even allowed Netanyahu to treat Obama poorly.

Dems are a different type of racist. But they are the same racist.

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