White Supremacy gave us Trump. White Supremacy gave us all the things you noted. White Supremacy continues to reinvent new ways to do the same old things: 1) Keep Whites in power; 2) Vilify Blacks and People color; 3) Create policies and practices that keep most of us poor, unhealthy, dumbed down, and powerless; and 4) divide minorities, racist, poor and ignorant, and wealthy/well-connected into groups to take our mpney and power.

Blacks have always had to choose between our evils and this election cycle is no different. Of 45 Presidents, 44 have been White despite Native Americans being here FIRST and Blacks being here for 400 years or so. White folks will go around the world and to hell and back again just to make this as complicated as possible. Yeah, some of us are always choosing the lesser of two evils.

There is nothing new with American politics or American racism. There also isn’t anything new about White people not acknowledging the roots of our evil.

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