White supremacy permeates every aspect of our society and as your piece so neatly illustrates, racism in journalism skews the way White people see themselves and reaffirms their notion of a White man’s legacy comes before the Black man’s trauma. I believe all White people are racist, most are just unwilling or unable to admit. It’s impossible not to be or participate in white supremacy when whiteness rules and reigns over everything.

Stories like these irritate me because they reinforce in White minds that White people are worthy of forgiveness and it’s our jobs to rescue them.

These stories are deliberately created to keep White people from being uncomfortable. This is the reason racism will never end in America. As long as they run everything, centering White people will be the status quo. They are ready to move on. The season of Black lives mattering to them is over. They are already whining because they aren’t being centered. If we don’t hold the accountable and hold the mirror to their faces they surely won’t. Thanks for taking the time to illustrate the racism in journalism. From bad headlines to white centered stories, Whiteness in the media is deemed priceless.

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