Why did slaves rebel? Why do caged birds escape? Why do chained dogs run away? Even house pets run away sometimes because they have the urge to be free, and if they have been treated poorly or simply held against their will.

While I understand your effort to make points, what you're really doing is whataboutism and I don't play those types of games.

If White people didn't have slaves, literally sexually and physically abusing entire families in front of each other for their pleasure, their would be no need for violence. The same applies for most indigenous populations. White people colonized and taught us violence. Most other cultures warred when necessary (i.e. encroaching on territories, thefts, breaking treaties, etc.) but White people and violence is just an entirely different situation here in America and you're not just going to say violence is a human tool without accepting the context.

All people and animals have a right to protect themselves from harm, otherwise Mother Nature, God, or whomever one believes made them in such away wouldn't have given them the ability to do so. It's humans who corrupting. Snakes don't bit for any reason, they bite when provoked or are desperate because they've found themselves in a situation they can't escape.

The same with most wild animals. But humans, we tend to think we're special or smarter when we're not.

Slave rebellions occurred because WHITE PEOPLE were UNNECESSARILY towards the BLACK PEOPLE the enslaved, bred, stole, raped, worked for zero pay, starved, etc. I use the word unnecessary because slavery wasn't necessary. White people could have bred their own children and families, beat them, worked them, raped them, starved them, and treated them like crap in order to achieve the same goal, but they did. That's the cruelty your explanation omits. White people chose Black people to exploit, and they still do til this very day.

And as I read your response over once more, it appears you're really reaching to protect White people, which lets me know you're really not ready for antiracism quite yet, because there is NO excuse one can give for how White people have treated Black people. Who cares if White people don't respond to ultimatums? Our economic footprint is the largest in the nation was far as consumption goes. White people respect money, and we don't have to spend our money with them. That's the best, non-violent way to fight a racist nation.

I feel like you're spending an excessive amount of time in your explanation excusing racist White people or finding work arounds, and it's really getting under my skin I must say.

As far as racism metric tests are concerned, only a White person who has never experienced racism would be inclined to think their are levels to racist people. Racist people harm people because they wake up every day with the mindset of being superior and Black or Brown people being inferior. They don't need to drop bombs on them to do harm to them. There are all sorts of other ways to be racist in their lives for decades. Everyday.

For example, you're a doctor. You can easily disregard a person of color's pain or not pay close enough attention to a person of color's mannerisms to know there were other problems going on because you are a hardcore "nice-casual" racist and because you spend little time around different types of Black and Brown people.

Perhaps a racist White person may be disrespectful to men or women by always cutting in front of a line because they don't believe they should have to wait. These White folks believe their White is special and our brown is not.

Maybe the casual racists does something to prevent the upward mobility to Black or Brown people but the Black and Brown people don't know it. Just because they don't know they person injured them doesn't mean they aren't injured.

Or maybe the racist White person loves sitting in strategic planning meetings figuring out ways to harm Black and Brown innocent children (i.e. Stephen Millier, Steve Bannon, etc.). The parents and children aren't aware of who harmed them, they just know they are harmed and White people are responsible. Trump institutes the policies, and Mitch McConnell clears the path for it all to happen. Am I not to hold any of these people responsible because they didn't drop bombs or say nigger?

Perhaps men like Winston Churchill did other racist things, and I'm sure they did, how is it that you can't even wrap your mind around the insignifcant ways racism harms and injures Black and Brown people daily? The disrespect treatment, the cruelty, and the inhumanity experienced by people crossing the paths of racists is maddening, and you'd prefer I think of racist in some other way to do what? Make White people comfortable?

Racism is not a faceless sin. We remember you White folks, even when you don't remember us. I'm sure there is someone, some nurse, some person somewhere who can remember some racist thing you've said or done to them or some way you disrespected them because you did not value them as much as you valued a White man. I promise you Chris, some Black or Brown person remembers you and some racist thing you said or did long ago. Racism is seared in our memories forever even when you can't recall it.

Racism harms people just like rape does. Just like child sexual abuse does. Just like being hit with a car does. Just because you don't see the victims or no one write about them in a book doesn't mean there weren't any. Winston Churchill was a violent, racist, man, and I'm sure he hurt a lot of insignificant people some superior White biographer never thought to write about because they too were racist and blind to the harm racism does to victims of it.

Racism is not a victimless crime, and that's why I have a zero tolerance for it. If you're racist, you've harmed someone. It's easy to forget about racism when you're in the throws of being a flat-out racist, but when you're trying to recover, you must go back and recall all the ways you've harmed people. And let me tell you, too many White people want to start from the moment they were delivered from racism, and not do the heavy, painful lifting of going back over the decades they were racists and harmed folks.

Your entire explanation blesses and excuses White folks for being racist, and I'm simply not down with that cause. Ever.

Even if those were not your intentions, it's what was done.

Lastly, please, please, please do not use your favorite racist, warmongering White war heroes as a examples. As soon as you use them it pretty much cancels out anything good you had to say. It also shows your Whiteness. It's okay to love military history. I love history too, I just don't glorify killers. It's the only reaction one can have for people who enjoy strategically killing innocent people for the sake of [fill in cause here].

I have zero tolerance for racism. I believe all racists have injured people, and I believe all humans and animals have a right to defend themselves by any means necessary using a variety of tools, based on the situation. Black people have a right to physically defend themselves when provoked. When. Provoked.

And White people are always provoking us.

People who don't protect themselves or their homes and communities against predators, intruders, and warmongerers are doomed. They are cowards. They are losers.

That's been Black people in our relationship with White people. We can't take your advice, because as you've illustrated in your response, your concern is ALWAYS White centered and White focused.

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