Why don’t you follow the people who agree with you and stop telling me how I should think, what I am. We don’t live the same experiences. You see me the way you see me. I feel Whiteness, especially White men. Your long bitch session fits in line with our experiences. You always have to be right, you’re always sensitive to your needs, you always get to decide who is bad and who is good, and the mirror is ALWAYS broken it’s time to look at yourself and your kind.

What about all these privileged White boys running around here shooting up everybody. Angry about life before they lived it. Afraid of people they’ve never met because men like you keep putting bullshit seeds in their minds making them believe they are victims when THEY are actually the aggressors. Men like you crack me up. GTFOH and stop policing Black people all the time. Go find some incels to compliment.

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