Why move the team when the hearts of the most consumers, fans, players, management and owners believe so heartily in segregation, bigotry, and overt racism. Those people aren’t going to change if none of the other American institutions and systems which allow, support, uphold, and condone it doesn’t change (i.e. the federal government, the Supreme Court, state and local government, banking industries).

Baseball is a White man’s entertainment in case you have forgotten the history. The NBA is the most forward thinking, racially inclusive model of entertainment in America. It evolved because it wanted to. Baseball and other sports have not because the owners and teams don’t want to. They have been resistant to the change. And going to recruit Chinese, Cubans and Latin Americans don’t make them diverse, because people coming from those countries have racial biases towards Blacks too. They bring their racist attitudes along with them. They have no problem complying with Whiteness for money. Oh and let me do my disclaimer to say not all people before some sensitive person comes along to tell me not them too---ugh!

We already know what happens when you force white people to give up their segregation and all white gatherings. They fight. We pay. They find a new way to assembly Whiteness for their pleasure. It’s an old game older than Baseball America has been playing with people of color. It’s the main reason I’ve never had any interests in baseball, Nascar, swimming, lacrosse, rowing, etc. White people love segregation.

Besides, what value does entertainment really bring to the rest of us? Entertainment today is used to distract. They sell us the bullcrap about it creates jobs as a part of some economic development and “sports tourism” but even the tax dollars generated from such teams benefit white people, white communities, in usually conservative leaning areas (i.e. spring training facilities are located in areas similar to the teams racial and political preferences).

Don’t move the team or any sports team for that matter to make them more racially inclusive and respectful, and please don’t try to change them, for we Blacks know who these teams are and what they represent. Baseball is as American as American racism is. That will never change. Unless you are going to snatch out the hearts and minds of racist players, fans, management, and owners, cleanse them of the racial hatred, animosity, inferiority complexities making them the opposite of what they are now, nothing else will work. Moving won’t change these people. It’s an easy solution for a layered complex problem that starts with the hearts and ignorance of many White people.

I write intelligent, unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people, and White Supremacy. www.marleyisms.com | www.ko-fi.com/marleyk

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