Why would I concern myself about a conservative Black man considered to be an "Uncle Tom"in the African-America community who upholds White Supremacy and dislikes Black people? He's never done anything to achieve equality, justice, and he's as anti-Black as any racist White person. If there is something to benefit Black people, Clarence Thomas and his White wife are opposed to it.

Now, why would you imply I worry about Clarence Thomas, the Black justice, and not any of other Justices on the Supreme Court? Of ALL the Justices, you thought Clarence Thomas, the CONSERVATIVE Justice, was the appropriate sacrificial lamb to use as an example for your comeuppance?

I stated a fact and you disliked it. Obama asked, Ginburg to resign, and she declined. It didn't matter about her health, her age was a concern. Now both her age and health are a concern. It's called disaster preparedness. But God forbid ask an old White woman clearly old enough to retire to make room for another, younger liberal justice. Smh!


Instead of her retiring, we gotta pray she lives and stay health so McConnell can't replace her with another Conservative Justice and undo everything and anything our White Supremacist regime desires.

Your comment is extremely racist and is a microaggression, and I want you to know that I got EXACTLY where you were going with it. Loud and clear.

You have taken offense because I told the truth about your fellow White sister Ginsburg, and you've reacted in the same way a lot of White feminists react when being called out for their patriarchy and privilege. Liberal racism is the worst. Always unexpected, never surprised.

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