Wow! I’m just blown away at how this beautifully describes the emotional abuse of being Black. I can relate to everything in this essay. Anti-Blackness is a global issues, which I why I have decided to stop using the term People of Color. We are abused, erased and ignored enough by the world and I am not participating in my own erasure anymore. That fake smiling and moving for them…..OMG I wanted to scream when I read this. It happened yesterday. It happens almost everyday. White men are the worst about not moving.

The smile thing though… I get it and it’s like soul rot. I have worked in the public for almost years, and been the token hire. I have seen it all. But that fake smile Black folks must wear to appease Whiteness takes the cake. No matter where we are in the world, we know the meaning of the fake smile.

I’m so happy you laid it all out here for others to see. This essay spoke to my soul. We need to talk about these things more. These are the microaggressions and scars, and performances we endure to survive this cruel world, and it’s killing us physically, mentally and emotionally. It’s time we stop smiling, and other things which uphold White Supremacy.

I’m book marking this. You’ve inspired me to write about my experiences. I’ll be linking back to this story if you don’t mind. Thank you for sharing it. It’s confirmation that we aren’t the ones with the problem.

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