Wow. That was pretty deep. The monolith of patriarchy is a terrible burden men must shoulder. The good must suffer with the bad ones, and it seems the bad ones are running amuck.

As far as feminism is concerned, People of Color don’t have time for feminism to catch up and see the danger we’re in — and the apathy. Our lives are at risk. By the time the 5th wave come we’ll be in a civil war and feminists will still be patting themselves on the back wearing pink pussy hats. That’s why we need to fight for equality. More people suffer from it, and it intersects all gender and socioeconomic statuses. Equality is the real struggle.

Thank you for talking about the discomfort many men feel being in that awkward place between patriarchy/toxic masculinity and militant/radical feminism. We need each other. We share the earth. We need to work together to accomplish equality, or at least to make the quality of life better for everyone. As long as we’re all in our corners protect our groups — we’re at war with each other.

Things will never get better for any of us if we don’t begin to tear down walls, listen to each other, talk to each other and for goodness sake let’s get rid of all the various labels that segregate us. I’m all for intersectionality with a feminine touch. Thank you so much for reading.

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