Yeah I’m a grandma. One son is doing all of the work lol. You’re right, Kamala is married to a White man. Not sure how that is going to work with Black voters in the South. Another issue is she doesn’t admit to being Black like Obama. She says she’s a Woman of Color. Well, alrighty then (lol). We can choose what we want to be these days as it suits us it seems.

I am not sure how Black women are going to process Kamala, but I am sure brother’s aren’t going to make time for her. Obama had Black cool that got him a pass. He also got a pass because he wasn’t a part of the criminal justice system. He did no harm, therefore we can accept him. Kamala…nope…nope…nope. There is nothing Black about her except her degree from Howard and she pledged AKA. All bets are off after that!

She is a part of our problem and I am going to make sure I do my part to keep people informed. She looks like me, but it’s complicated lol.

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