Yeah, it takes some getting used to. This place is more racist than SC where I lived for 40-years. I have to get my head prepared to deal with people here, understanding looks are deceiving. I have encountered NUMEROUS racist White Cubans across the South Florida. I always get this eerie feeling dealing with them here. They have the power of White people here in FL, and the weaponize their skin and their power just like White Americans. Pretty interesting to watch.

What they don't realize is the White people hate them too, and if push comes to shove, they have zero leverage once they openn their mouths and speak. White people only like White people, and they don't really like each other. They tolerate the rest of us.

They'll soon learn when the next race war starts.

Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | | | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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