Yep! White people can get away with being rude and racism because they get to claim it’s just how they are. They’ll claim they didn’t know it was a racist microaggression. Not only do we have to deal with the BS microaggressions, we also have to deal with White people requiring a mountain of scientific evidence to satisfy their skepticism about whether or not another member of the White delegation committed a racist act.

Because nobody White wants to be accused of racism, except the all engage in racism while upholding White Supremacy. It shouldn’t be hard to believe at all if they’d look around.

This feeds into your story about White managers believing we don’t belong. They are complicit in facilitating and overseeing the fields where the racist microaggressions are sown. Microaggressions are apart of an elaborate secret system which helps keep it alive. It’s part ignorance, part evil, but it thrives because we are unable to prove it, white people have the privilege of denying it, and they have the power to make it all go away — just like the mob.

The manager is the microaggressors accomplice every time. We’re finally starting to see people lose their jobs, be named, and shamed for being racist, and I’m glad about it. Being racist shouldn’t be so lucrative. Being evil shouldn’t be so easy and so commonplace. The fact we are just coming to the realization is horrifying. We must continue to talk about the microaggressions we experience. I think you should submit your most recent piece to this publication. It fits in line with this month’s theme (microaggressions).

I would like to see readers understand the microaggressions Black men experience in an office setting throughout our professional careers chasing the American Nightmare. There is no rest or respect for the collective Black weary. We fight to live, and we fight to die.

Tell. Our. Stories. Now.

It’s time brother.

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