Yes, all White Americans are anti-Black police officers. They police our hair, our speech, our bodies, our spaces, our education, our relationships, our parenting, our car rides, where we walk and jog, where our children play, our parents, our children, our free time, our work at work, our communities, our politics, our decisions, where we live, our inventions, and our private conversations online and in person.

Every White person is a police officer. They couldn’t mind their business even if they wanted to. Even rich White folks police us by finding ways to manipulate our consumption, spending habits, health etc. Being White is all about policing.

Being born White comes with a lifetime privilege of policing Black folks along with dictating what is and what is not racism, though most White people won’t freely admit it.

This was a brilliant piece, and posing the question in this manner forces us all to evaluate the policing behavior of White people, the descendants of colonizers. White American refuse to accept responsibility for their reckless behavior, and they will no do anything about their overseeing ways. Good White people allow bad White people to get away with Black murder and policing.

That makes confused and apathetic good White Americans co-conspirators to every anti-Black crime. It’s the epitome of guilt by association.

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