Yes as always you’re spot on about the myths fed to Whites about our ignorance and inferiority, without taking into consideration they got us from one of the most civilized continents on earth ever. So labeling us as stupid, inferior, etc., is not only a lie, it shows how ignorant about world history and anthropology those people truly are. They’ve adopted their own realities which consists of mythical religion, magic, paganism, and whatever else oppressors use to keep their slaves and subjects under control.

When you know better, you’ll do better, and too many people willfully remain ignorant because the source on the fake intel looks like them. I’m getting tired of educating the supposed superior people, and I’m tired of people who are interested in protecting their White wealth and privilege at the expense of Black and Brown people.

They’ve been exposed (again), and no one should forget how we got here. Selfishness, greed, capitalism, and a disregard for all humanity. We shall never forget. America need not ask for Black people to be grateful as if they’ve done us a favor. They have not. As long as I have a mouth and a healthy brain, I’m working to dispel lies and speak truth to the invisible darkness we live in America.

I appreciate your wisdom and I’m grateful to know so many good writers and readers who can see the mythic world we live in for what it truly is.

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