YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All of this! Women are straddling between Supremacy or being the cherished gold goose for some guy all because we’ve been programmed from youth we need to be protected. We need to keep our selves preserved and pure for Mr. Right. It’s crazy. I never got the message to be afraid of men. I got the all men want and all men are the same message (lol). I’m almost 50 and for the most simplistic parts that message is correct. While there are some bad perverts out there, I think men get the opposite message — be careful of women because they can accuse you of rape.

We’re all walking around not trusting each other and policing each other’s bodies for “just in case” something happens. We’ve been prepared to expect the worst of humanity instead of expecting the best of each other.

I worked in sexual assault for a long time and I left because I hated the messaging. I hate the messengers (mostly White women in advocacy and the criminal justice system is overwhelmingly made up of White men). It’s all politics. Sure sexual assaults happen, but there is an entire industry created to protect White women everywhere. Being inside helps me understand the concept behind it, but being afraid of a Black woman is a bit of a stretch. We don’t want any trouble and many of us know dealing with White women is the quickest way to get into trouble, die, go to jail, lose your job, or have the cops called on you.

It’s too much baggage there. If anything, we should be the ones afraid — but we’re not. We don’t have that privilege or space to. And that’s the problem here in America. The only people allowed to be afraid and believed are White women and men. The rest of us are just chopped liver.

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