Yes. I am talking about me and Black people. Southern Black people. I’m not trying to center anyone else, and I’m not trying to discuss class with race. Any White people claiming to not see color definitely see color. I wish we would just put that myth to bed.

I am SO tired of people saying White people are renting space in my head. Would you say that to a woman who was raped and is afraid of all men? Would you say that to an elderly woman afraid of being home a lone after a robbery? Would you say it to a cashier how had her cash drawer robbed mentally?

Part of the problem is people so easily discount Black pain and trauma. We can’t speak. We’re told we need to think differently. We need to forgive. We need to move on. WE need to always do something. What I didn’t see was a solution/prescription for White people. You all do a fine job telling us what to do. If you would work on racist White people, perhaps I could spend my time talking about other things.

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