Yes ma'am Ms. Vena, this is the take away from every White person that's commented. And in high White folks fashion they'll go find one piece of the argument they disagree with to discount our entire thought-process surrounding distrust of the government and the medical community.

It's blaming Black people for racism is the bottom line.

The mere fact we are "the help" because of discriminatory hiring practices, separate and unequal primary education, microaggressions, and historic racial discrimination are the main reasons we're exposed to Covid in the first place.

I really get tired of trying to get White people to see the big picture about racism. It's like they live to rule over our bodies and minds. There is no respect for autonomy or our intellect at all. Us taking the vaccine would give them comfort and help them get back to normal, and that's all any of them ever care about.

There is not an ounce of concern from White people about us or ending racism. White people never miss an opportunity to show us they are racist. We don't have the same relationship with our government, and they can't seem to get that. I can't say I was surprised about the responses, but it just goes to show nothing is going to change with them.

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