Yes. My mother turned her back on me and my baby sister when I told her what her new husband did to her young middle school aged girls when he wasn’t home.

Do you know what she said to me?

“Y’all not gonna mess up my good thing. You are lying and you better not say nothing to nobody about this or else I’m going to beat you.” And she did.

I don’t talk to her to this day! My sister tried to commit suicide in high school. People in our family turned a blind eye, checked out, or didn’t want to know so they were casually disengaged.

So yes, even your own mama will turn a blind eye to sexual abuse of her children when the apple of her eyes commits sex crimes against her children when her person interest are in jeopardy. I told about the beatings, but not about the sexual abuse so my siblings wouldn’t have to endure what I did.

You did a great job with this piece. My only gripe would be we don’t talk enough about how parents (mothers) use their kids as sacrificial lambs in an effort to clean up their fuck-ups (i.e. poverty, having kids out of wedlock, having kids outside of a marriage, drug addiction, etc.). Some of these parents see their kids as an easy way out, allowing them to pursue pipe dreams and good times in search of lightening. Men are terrible at protecting women and girls, and excellent in protecting their own interests as they cover for their “brothers” in patriarchy and privilege.

Women have another issue. Bad people are bad people, and like you said, and bystander and bullying pedophile are one in the same. Silence is consent.

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