Yes!!! No one talks about how the government uses racism to create predictive policing for the purposes of overpolicing Black communities. The only reasons Black people commit more crimes than whites is because White police don’t look at upper middle-income and wealthy communities as crime ridden. They have far more rapes, illicit drug use, white collar crimes, DUIs, and domestic violence crimes than we do simply because they out number us. If you don’t look, surely you can’t see/find the crime.

In addition, White folks have no White people no-snitch policies and automatic second chance opportunities given to them when they come either when they contact with the police and/or judges depending on the severity of crime and contact time. White people know White people and White systems to get the out of trouble. We don’t have insider preferences and priority privilege. We don’t get to have youthful indiscretions, White children and young adults do.

The system is rigged and unfair. It also cons us Black folks into thinking we’re worse than we are. There are more White people therefore they must commit more crime. When you control everything, it’s possible to be an angel and point fingers at others. It’s also possible to create the image of your racial group to protect your social order.

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