Yes racism checks SHOULD INDEED be conducted like credit checks! Racist infiltrate every aspect of our strongest institutions to perpetuate their hate while maintaining their privilege. Schools, colleges, police departments, corporate America, civil service, even in the tourism and service industries. Too many studies have been done to confirm our suspicions, yet nothing is done to stop it. I don’t think any new laws will stop racism, because it’s the equivalent of self policing (like the police policing themselves= internal investigation).

People in America respond to money and power. Gaining it, and losing it. It’s that simple. Hurting their pockets will make them think long and hard about inflicting harm mentally, physically, emotionally, and financially upon people of color.

The research backs up your arguments:

We can go on all day, but the bottom line is that whether people want to admit it or not , Black advancement in America is stifled because of institutional racism. Your points cover all the dirty little racism secrets, and it’s an in your face uncovering of how racism in allowed to thrive! 👊👊👊

But the microinvalidation goes on. Keep shining the lights.

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