Yes sir!! I love this. This is exactly what is going on. The truth doesn’t even matter. We have billions of acres of lands no one inhabits. We have plenty of places no one lives. They say they have plenty of jobs with no people to fill them…we should have the green light on. Instead, it’s only on if you’re coming from Norway or Sweden. People are so stupid today. Both political parties are full of it. We just pick the lesser of the two evils understanding there we gain nothing.

I loved this. Fancy names for the shit most Black folks already know. We are accused of creating our own demise, and we know every system is rigged. The riggers just keep trying to convince us it’s not. I expect America to fold soon. It’s too young, too arrogant, too selfish, too stupid, too greedy, and has screwed to many people over its short lifetime. And no one is coming to our aid, that’s just how Trump wants it.

By the way thanks so much for the mention. I wrote this essay last year sometime and just had it sitting in cue for the right time. It’s a topic that’s bothered me for a while.

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