Yes. Two co-workers can choose to screw each other if they desire, and if the employer has rules regarding sex then the two should endure tje consequences (Because of the POWER DYNAMICS I keep trying to redirect you back to, Lewinsky paid a price because she had no power. Bill did not because he had all the power and resources to make his problems disappear). Were fraternizing rules broken? I’m going to go out on a limb here and say yes.

Should the President of the U.S. have enough constraint to not put himself and his career at risk for sex, especially when he knows the rules to this game? Yes he should, but Clinton did not.

Is it cool to have sex with the boss, where one employee receives different treatment from other employees because of the sex. Nope.

Is it ethical…considering we are talking about our national security? A president opening himself up to blackmail? Nope.

You keep making it about sexual freedom (like most men do anyway).

I view this is as a man with lots of power and an inability to keep himself from compromising positions which jeopardized national security (it’s the same rules that apply to persons in the military). Clearly we are talking about two different issues.

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