Yes, yes. All Black lives don’t matter. We live in the shadows trying to navigate racism and homophobia from the Christian and Black communities. Our lives matter as long as it’s not gay. Many Black celebs won’t come out of the closet, perpetuating the lie Black LGBTQ lives don’t matter and should remain hidden. Homophobia is like racism. It’s a hard thing to kill.

We have lots of complex issues in the Black gay and trans community, but they are very hard to discuss without getting dragged by the LGBTQ community (both White and Black) and the Christian Right/Evangelicals/Southern Baptists. One reason you and other people don’t talk about Black LGBTQ lives is because you can’t speak freely (truthfully) without persecution. There is enough blame to go around, and it’s not all on the hetero/ally community either. Sometimes the LGBTQ community is so angry and so all or nothing it’s easier to leave them to their own devices and anger issues than it is to try and talk it out.

As far as Ed Buck cases like his is nothing new. We have our own case here in FL. Similar M.O. (Except this case involved underage Black and Brown young girls). You can talk about it all you like, but these men have secrets that could bring ALOT of famous political and legal figures down. Don’t count on this case going any place.

If Ed Buck gets anything, it will be a slap on the wrist just like Jeffery Epstein (the FL billionaire who got a good deal for having sex with under age girls and providing them to other wealthy politicians like Bill Clinton, Donald Trump, Alan Dershowitz, etc.). You should really read this story. It’s not as rare as you may think. They just get secret golden parachute get out of jail free cards with NDAs.

Sadly, some of these young people don’t even know what they are getting themselves into or who they are getting involved with until it’s too late. These men have too much power, too much money and too much at stake to let a Black queer man or young Black or Brown minor to go down and take their buddies with them. The Dems have their own #MeToo they aren’t talking about, and they aren’t going to either.

White men looking out for White lives, one perv at a time.

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