YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!! YES!!!!!

Thank you Bob sharing how you realize you were sidetracked. It’s all politics. I know the people who created probably had good intentions, but Black Lives Matter allowed us to focus on many problems and centered us. Defunding police centered police, policy, money, jobs… and a whole host of things that derailed the moment. Folks are still protesting, but the media isn’t talking about it. Just a few street reporters on social media. The police are still abusing and arresting protestors for taking advantage of their civil rights.

Now, we’re dissecting why candidates didn’t win their seats and a stupid slogan. The Democratic Party alienates Black folks once again as soon as they’ve used them up. Obama proves he’s just another politician. He’s definitely not John Lewis, Elijah Cummings, or MLK. At some point, this all will come to a head. The decentering of Black people must stop, but it only stops when White people learn more about the casual racism and White Supremacy they engage in that doesn’t always get called out often.

With that said, I appreciate your learning from the discussion. This is the only way change can happen for any of us.

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