You always object to my “screeds.” My question for you is if you object so much to my thoughts, why do you continue to read them? Not only do you continue to read them, but you also continue to disagree and complain about them. Why?

And what is wrong about my essay? Do tell?

Please find food palatable for your taste buds. You don’t have to agree with everything I write (you don’t have to agree with anything I write for that matter), but at least be man enough to contradict me with something substantive that I can see. Provide me with tangible information to reconsider my thoughts. If you can’t help, please don’t hinder or intimidate.

Let it be known I disagree with you too. You are apart of privileged who gets to determine American history. Men and women like you also attempt to dictate/silence the thoughts and words of others, in particular, women and people of color who disagree with your world views.

Not here. You do NOT get to exercise those privileges here sir.

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