You are not wrong. I have nothing to add. You’re right about not requiring validation to demonstrate your commitment to justice, fighting inequality, and fairness. We need to see work. We can tell that you do the work by the way you right, your description of experiences, your willingness to mixup with us when its not fashionable.

I think you’re right, allyship has been taken over by White antiracist activists, and its lost its potency in my opinion. In addition, we are being drowned out by White people who traditionally get all the fanfare and media time for talking about it. We’re still the angry old [fill in the blank] that can’t convey what living under oppression and inequality looks and feels like. I think it’s difficult to for average white folks to follow, they are used to leading, saving, rescuing…

Unfortunately, being in this battle requires serious emotional intelligence. You gotta know when to be silent and when to speak up (hard for average white folks), you gotta know when to march or when donating is best (having Black friends helps, most white people don’t have real white friends), you absolutely cannot have a take over spirit, most importantly, you gotta know you can’t do shit that we can’t do (because it always comes back to bite us in our asses when white folks go home or get tired).

I’m happy white people are wanting to do something, but they have a long way to go to. They need to work on themselves, focus inward more than outward, because their entire way of thinking will need to change which impacts the way they act.

It’s like being an addict and you’re in recovery. If most people just waking up would see white supremacy as an addiction and treat themselves so they won’t harm others, maybe we could get someplace. It’s extremely frustrating trying to teach people things they should be born with and things they should have learned in their homes. How is it that they don’t have the capacity to see or care for others who are not-White?

I don’t know. I know you have it Joe. I have watched navigate social media and I just know. You’re not pimping the moment, and you’re not jealous of it either. I get so many threats its not funny, but I’m not deterred. We need our good white folks to work with us. Moving in silence means you’re less likely to be detected. It’s something we learned from our ancestors and we still use it today.

It appears you’ve gotten the memo. I appreciate you brother.

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