You are so right. He’s trying to be like Putin and Fidel Castro. He’s a weak person who cannot be trusted. I don’t even know what is wrong with the America people, especially the White people. Don’t they know if White people start randomly picking off people of color, there are people of color fed up and ready to retaliate killing any innocent White man, woman and child they see?

This is a disaster and it’s only a matter of time before something bad happens. And because we live in a democracy where things must “work themselves out” instead of real justice, there will be blood shed. We no longer have a democracy anyway. Nancy Pelosi gave the last little ounces of that away by refusing to impeach Trump. They won’t do their jobs, so they will allow us to suffer and be killed for another 2 years — and even then, if he’s run out there won’t be a peaceful transfer.

America is a disgrace right now and they’ve let the entire world see just how weak we are when it comes to our own dictator. How can you put troops in brown places around the globe to fight for other people when you won’t even fight the bad people in your own country. And we pay taxpayers for that shit! We pay corrupt politicians and we fund morally bankrupt and corrupt wars. f it is a god, surely he is ashamed of this nation!

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