You are talking my kind of talk now mama! You know, I think of this all the time. I’m writing expecting White people to finally do all the right stuff they know we need done. Please know I have not gotten it twisted. I see the same things you see But here is what I’ve done. I’ve made a case for after November. It’s the grounds for the divorce you’re speaking of.

I’ve made a case for us being able to live away from others so that we can find some peace before we leave this earth. I’ve made a case that has long been proven indisputable by our ancestors, but for this generation, it’s all out there for the world to see again. There is no good reason to trust White people anymore. As I’ve said previously, we know them intimately. Just like we predicted what would happen when Trump was elected, we also know full well what’s going to happen now that racist have gotten the taste of Black blood again, sanctioned by the federal government.

When most White folk have the opportunity to choose, they choose for themselves. There aren’t enough good ones to make an impact or to stop the bad ones. Besides, they move too slow, see to late, and give themselves the benefit of the doubt when they shouldn’t ever.

The case has also been made against immigrants and POC. Enough of them side with White Supremacy and racism to prove why we deserve to be treated as a protected class, and if America can’t/won’t protect us, we must protect ourselves — by any fuckin means necessary. They got our privileges and rights without our pain and fights. Let them be the tools from now on. I’m out.

I’ve laid the ground work to be able to say I told you so, and that we must take care of ourselves, because no one else can or will. We can go about our business, no longer concerned with the fantasies of American dreams, equality, equity, and justice. This generation will finally see what our parents already know, and that’s this nation is incapable of impartiality, equality, equity, justice, or even apologizing for the wrongs they done to us. It really be time for us to get over it.

Come November even new Blacks are going to be singing a new tune. We’re all marked. We’ve always been the marks.

After the election results have been tallied, I’ll have a totally new tone. Right now I have to be measured because I have to let the movie place out, but we both know what’s going to happen. I hate to be a doubting Thomas, but I knew Trump was going to get elected, and I know his ilk aren’t going anywhere. Not without a war anyway.

This thing is rigged. It’s was rigged so that Trump could get into the WH and you beest believe in 2020 the doors are rigged shut so we cannot get Trump out. I don’t have to tell you this either. You know. You’re a realist too. You know the deal.

It’s all gonna be on White people.

There will be no blaming Black people ever again, because we are not and never have been a majority with the ability to vote our collective interests. White people are the majority and have been the ones that gave us this monster. I won’t be allowing Black folks to blame other Black folks to Black folks, becoming the White folks of Black folks either. All that shit is ending in a few weeks. I’m just giving the naysayers and the positive Thomases a chance to do what they do best, give us hope.

Whether it’s apathy, third-party shenanigans, political bribery, White feminism, liberalism, conservatism or any other ism that Black folk didn’t create it— they will own this shit in 2020 and I will be here to make it plain unless we are censored and I’m unable to which is highly likely when it comes to this fool.

My writing leading up to November is kind of like telling your adult children the flaws you see in them so they can improve their relationships and life circumstances. Instead of listening, that child chooses to blame everyone else for their problems, never apologize, and continue on a destructive path. You, the parent, just sit back and watch the child go through life all screwed up, making mistakes, and often having to bail him or her out of their BS because they won’t listen. As a parent, your life is harder for a while because you’re always bailing your kid out, waiting on them to get their lives together.

Except they don’t.

If you’re a realist like me, one day you finally admit the kid is a failure, put the kid on notice, and make a new life with the knowledge your kid is never going to be the kid who will contribute meaningfully to your family. That kid sees you as help. He/She will never appreciate all you’ve contributed to their lives. They’ll never be the help that you were to him/her. You also see the kid as they are too. It’s an ugly truth, but it’s the truth still.

That’s where I am with White people and racist POC. Black people got some hard choices to make after November. The ship is sinking and we must decide if we want to keep making nice and playing with people who don’t want to play with us, or are we going to be like Black folks in Washington, D.C., — taxed Black folks without representation. It’s going to be hard. It’s going to be frustrating, and it’s going to be an eye-opener, but there is no need to continue denying the inevitable. We know we’re owed, but it’s likely we’re never getting compensated. I won’t bother inquiring anymore. I’ll just be watching this nation burn itself down, just like Roman Empire. Just like Babylon and the Empire of Trebizond.

Karma is a bitch, and America is long overdue for her fall. I’ll be sitting on the sidelines saying I told ya so.

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