You are the GOAT!!!!! I agree with you 1000%. For me the using term ally is more of a psychological tool moreso to massage White egos motivated by labels. These folks aren’t allies as you’ve noted, they are fixing the messes they made, fires they’ve allowed to burn, stopping violence they’ve condoned, and “maybe” doing something to end racism (finally). At least it’s what they should be doing.

I have zero confidence in allies because they have no power over liberal whites who overwhelming side with racists/white supremacy when it gets down to the nitty-gritty of equality. For me the term equates to lip service by White runners who didn’t train properly for our racism in America marathon.

The runners quit because they tire easily, get injured, and are ill-equipped to make it to the finish line leaving us to do the running alone. That’s how it always is. They can’t deny it. Because history.

This was spectacular. White people need to read this. But I’m here for the comments. Imma pray for you. I already know what you’ve stepped into with this one (lol). Thank you for blessing the ignorant and giving me something to consider about using the term. You made me think about some things.

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