You did a fantastic job exposing these organizations. Bravo!!!!!!!

Before I quit my non-denominational, multi-cultural Evangelical church, I sat on the board for about 2 months (in SC..which is why your story resonated so). I found so many improprieties, lies and deception I quit. There were so many churches donating large sums of cash to the agency every month. It was strategically placed in one of the worst Black neighborhoods in the county (by design). I just found everything about the place to be patronizing and nothing more than White religious folks “do-gooding in the hood.” To say these organizations are deceptive is an understatement.

As the president of the board of a CPC, I was responsible for reviewing and reporting on the organization’s finances. No one seemed to care. A seat on the board was nothing more than a resume filler or a check box for most board members. One GOP state representative bragged about being on the board and donating though he never showed up to meetings. The director, who had been there for a long time ,had gotten herself a bank card and was using it for her personal expenses like fueling her card, buying lunch, etc. There is little to no oversight of these organizations as they hide behind being religious organizations when they register with the state and the IRS for tax exempt statuses.

I packed my stuff, got out of dodge and gave my report to my pastor about the improprieties discovered. They continued to give financially, but my former church, along with other pastors just forced the young director to resign after confronting her about her spending(who had come into the fold right out of college). We discovered over $5k missing.

I believe these centers are so dangerous, I try to get people in need of reproductive health and counseling to go elsewhere, especially if they are not religious/Christian. I saw it as form of impacting the social order in the Black community and forcing people into religious beliefs, practices and traditions without the full knowledge of what was really happening. It was also a way for local churches to take away contraceptive and abortion options from poor people with limited access to information and transportation.

More needs to be done to regulate these places. They are bad news, predatory, and deceptive.

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