You did a very good job starting to diagnose some of the problems surrounding the trauma WOC experience related to patriarchy and White feminism. It’s very layered and it’s old. The bottom line is that WOC are way hip to White women and White feminism masked as feminism for all. We get it from all sides like you said. While we identify with Dr. Ford and support her, we also know the same compassion will never be extended to us when we are assaulted. This is the history of America, from Master raping his African slaves (both male and female), Black servants and even their children. African history in this country also includes the White slave master’s wife turning a blind eye to our sexual assaults, ignoring our abuse, and even lashing out at the female slave because of their husband’s infidelity.

So for women of color…abuse, neglect, and failing to include after all these centuries is no surprise. Sometimes our allies our enemies, and sometimes our allies are truly allies. We evaluate actions, and the give labels accordingly.

Until all women work together to ensure all women are safe and protected, nothing is going to work right for us. As long as White women support patriarchy and the men who support patriarchy, the rest of us lose.

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