You did an amazing job addressing the complexities of dealing with racism is the workplace and plausible deniability. I can’t tell you how much your explanation helps me drive home the point of how difficult it is to change attitudes and why we continue to talk about racist behavior in the workplace and in customer service. Workplace diversity is a sham. I have always felt that way about it. A corporation having a diverse staff and saying because you do your business can’t possibly be racist is like putting a lipstick on a pig, calling it a dog and expecting it to bark.

It ain’t gonna happen. It’s a fantasy. You can change a lot of things, but changing a grown man or woman’s heart or mind on race, racial stereotypes and troupes is hard to do. Sometimes it’s damn near impossible, especially when those people believe inherently they are better/superior to others.

Look at Silicon Valley, Wall Street, Google, Yahoo, Facebook, etc. They make it almost impossible to get into the cliques. They are air tight. Racism is all in it if we’re will to be truthful. Race is in everything and as you share so intellectually. It’s the Alpha and Omega elephant on the room in our society and it’s impossible to deny for those with eyes to see and ears to hear. We cannot stop teaching about racism. If it enlightens one person we’ve done our jobs.

You gave an idea. A shout out is forthcoming! Thanks my brother you are the BOMB DIGGITY!

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