You did the darn thang again Sis! You’ve expressed so much of what I say in the privacy of my own home, to my friends who ask my why I won’t use all my skills to be rich, to live well, to live in luxurious Whiteness and I refuse to because it gets me nowhere, it gets us nowhere but used up and discarded as you’ve said.

I like you tried the NAACP for about 3months and quit. I am a professional fundraiser so I peeped their game and exited as fast I entered. There was no return on that investment for my people. It’s no different than any other nonprofit ponzi scheme going today. Our people are so desperate for relief, upward mobility, a better way, a refuge, or just enough, we are investing in things and people that yield them no fruit, and as you’ve noted, it’s our own people who scam from us the most. The token anti-Black Blacks are coming out of the woodwork and they are prominently placed throughout our society, mostly in positions to obstruct us from getting what we need.

Just look at Dr. Ben Carson at HUD instead of being over HRSA, CDC, the Surgeon General, or HHS.

White folks will strategically place their token negro to obstruct, destroy, and cripple us before rendering him/her useless. The only satisfaction I get is knowing the always get their just desserts. They fail. They get removed. They get humilated.They are left holding the bag of shit. They are always discarded like an old tampon once used up. The stories are as old as slavery, yet there will always be some self-hating Black folks among us who are weak enough to believe their master will love them enough to treat them differently. That White woman who share the White tea was a rarity. I’m sure that was a memorable conversation. All the White tea was spilled and you were privy to it. A rare blessing and confirmation of things we already knew to be true.

As long as there is White Supremacy and rewards given out of engaging in it, There will be Black folks who sell us out to the master with the easiest opportunity.

We just gotta protect the vulnerable who are trying and the ignorant willing to listen. It’s a tall order, but we must in order to continue existing. We cannot deny anything else this generation. All of our parents’ troubles and struggles are now our own. We gotta dust ourselves off and get ready for the new journey come November. We know who are enemies are now. They are the same folks they always were. Nothing changes in America.


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