You do a great job. I feel this is your calling. You should write books for immigrants of color coming to America to share what you’ve learned. Differentiate the truths from the propaganda. Teach people how to live here and not lose themselves. Teach them not to chase nightmares dressed up and sold to the world as dreams. Teach them about the inequality, about race and racism. Teach them everything they need to know so they won’t die trying to live.

I feel you and Kitty Hannah Eden are some of the most genuine immigrants I know. I have met a lot of immigrants, mostly doctors in a totally different class — and they usually assume Whiteness to avoid being labeled as the dreaded other, or worse Black/Brown/Inferior. You two are not afraid to speak truths. You are fully aware of classism here, and you’ve chosen to talk about it honestly. You two could prevent a lot of depression and suicides in the immigrant community you know. It’s hard living here — life is but a dream.

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