1. You do not know the definition of racism. Go read it so you can use proper examples.
  2. You don’t know any Black personally and you don’t talk to any personally. All of us aren’t loud.
  3. White kids copy Black kids wearing saggy pants, plenty of them. Do you see them, ever? FYI Black people hate that. I know I do. Has nothing to do with racism, has everything to do with hip-hop culture.
  4. I see plenty of White people in airports not using headphones, listening to music on speaker AND PLENTY OF WHITE PEOPLE with bad cellphone ettiqute. Has nothing to do with being racist, just rudeness. See #1.
  5. Black people sit on their porches😂😂😂. White people sit on their porches too. This was stupid and you’re racist.
  6. Please provide the law enforcement crime data used with citations to espouse Black people commit half the crimes nationally. I know you won’t because you’re lying but please try.

7. You’re racist! Thanks for showing us what it looks like and what we endure on the interwebs!

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