You do realize the half the continent of Africa has the same issues we experience here in dealing with the remnants of colonialism and Christianity? Many Africans still have colonized mindsets. Most Black people can’t afford to move. Furthermore, because colonialism has raped most Black nations of wealth and independence and replaced those things with scarcity and instability, it’s just like jumping out of the frying pan into the fire.

Africans moved out Whites and moved in the Chinese. They must bargain with new devils because the original devils stripped away people’s natural abilities to care for themselves in ways that are natural to their cultures.

There is no where for Blacks to go on this Earth and not be impacted by racism or remnants of it. Having traveled abroad abit. After the newness wears off, the same old problems emerge. So what’s the point of moving when the world is racist and White Supremacy has taught the world to hate Black.

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