You don’t have to pretend to be Black to appease anyone. History is important. We are where we are in America because too many people want to disregard Black History so that we can remember that old nostalgic, “Gone With the Wind” mythic type national history that glamorizes racism and inhumanity. If you choose to think of the month as something you’re either entitled to enjoy or not, you’re missing the point. The month is to teach forgotten and neglected legacies and to acknowledge our struggle. America is the land of opportunity… given to others by stepping on the backs and necks of Blacks. America has never dealt with its inequality. There is inequality and in everything, include the telling of our tumultuous history.

Learning about Black history reveals the truth of America so we won’t repeat the bad parts. Since so many people haven’t been interested in learning about our nation’s racist history…here we are.

History is doomed to be repeated with people can choose to be ignorant.

Choosing to be ignorant means choosing to not learn. That’s willful ignorance. I have no sympathy for willful ignorance because it’s so dangerous. People get so caught up in our individualism which stems from national imperialism we’ve basically made ourselves stupid. If you want to know just how far you’ve arrived, let something bad happen in America. The 9/11 incident should have taught all Black and Brown people what this nation thinks of us. But we forget, like we always do, until the next thing. We forget, and we never apologize. Assets to our national detriment.

Think of Black history month as a time to learn and remember why immigrants can even come here. If it were not for us…immigrants would have no light waiting for them. We paved a way, out of no way.

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