You don't know if skin color would be in the equation because right now you do not have to even consider it. You can be invisible, actively liberal, an overtly or covertly racist white guy, I mean, what you're saying is like if I hit the lottery this is what I think I would do with the money I won.

I'm not drawing any lines. It's pretty obvious what I said. One of the thing White supremacy has taught a lot of white and European folks is to reinterpret and misinterpet anything they want to for our consumption. I said what I said. It's clear. There are no lines. The term needs to die, and I explained why. If you draw anything else from that, that's between you and your mind. You have the freedom to do that.

What I do know is no matter what I say, it is highly likely to be digested, reinterpreted, and misinterpreted by White people, especially White and European men. Such is life. Be well sir, and be thankful you don't have to worry about anything I've discussed if you choose not to. That's a luxury I do not have.

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