You have never lied. I’m still astounded every time I hear a story and the White person gets probation, A-List star story coverage, and little to no discussion of their criminal behavior. You almost don’t even need pictures of the white collar criminals when the stories are being told. If they are free criminals= almost always White. If they are alive after interacting with the police= White. If they get a chance to steal a whole bunch of money= White. If they flaunt the law in front of the law=White. If the judge is giving second chances=rich and White with ”potential.”

Having worked for a brief period with the criminal justice system as a victim advocate, the Trump administration’s subversion of justice is the closest thing that I’ve seen as to how the system really works for White people, especially rich White people. I hope folks are paying attention, it’s not a fluke or an accident. Whiteness is going to get it’s way, and it rarely gets punished unless it’s dirt-dobber poor. Even then poor Whites can get lighter sentences and skirt justice. If it’s White-it must be right. If it’s Black or Brown, it must be put down. My own country philosophy on the American criminal justice system.

Ghetto thugs ain’t got nothin on White collar thugs.

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