You hit the nail on the head Sherry Kappel. Critical thinking should start at home, long before kids make it to you. Sadly it does not. I have always been called a fun sponge because I dissected everything from the actual cost to make a shoe to drugs that are supposed to cure us. I have always taught my sons the same lessons (it has caused a lot of trouble with their girlfriends, but so what). Being a conscious consumer helps you to sift through the bull, not overpay for things that we need, avoid consuming (or over-consuming) on things that aren’t good for us, and understanding what public education is all about…mind control.

We are taught from an early age how to consume, and how to be a slave to capitalism. I tried to teach my kids to be freethinkers and understand that it comes with a price tag. So far so good. They still do things I don’t approve of, but sometimes they learn a lesson (and that I was right lol) after they partake. Like joining a frat…

I’m sure you made a real difference in the lives of kids. Nowadays, parents are quick to say cellphones aren’t harmful without even realizing how much poison their kids consume from Youtube Vloggers, social media, video games. Kids know how to work the phones, but can’t do their laundry, cook, or perform basic life skills. Reality television and technology are like dope to addicts, and they are getting younger each day. It will 25–50 years to see the impact from this madness. This is only the beginning. Maybe people will wake up and smell the coffee burning.

You rock my sister!

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