You indeed have a mentor and a friend. If I travel abroad I would hope someone would be kind enough to help me understand the nation’s political and governance structures. We have very good people here in America, but we have plenty of bad too.

I don’t sugar coat anything. Different immigrant groups have different sets of ideas and beliefs about America understandably. When they get here, it’s usually a different story although if you have money, and support from generations before your arrival on hand it makes the transition a lot smoother.

You dont feel the growing pains of transitioning while living in America. African Americans are the only group who did not have the luxury of deciding whether or not to come to America. Our experience is totally different, we see things differently.

America has greeted every immigrant group the same way. I wrote about how the Irish, Jews, Italians, and Asian communities experienced similar problems and racism immigrating to the New World. It may be a New World, but it’s steeped in colonialism. There is nothing easy about transitioning into American culture. My best advice again would be to study the Civil Rights Era in addition to studying Jim Crow, the Confederacy and Southern Politics. What we are experiencing now is people in politics wanting to take us back to these eras. It will help you understand why some people want other people to hurt, why some Americans hate non-white immigrants and don’t want them here, and the sheer hate spewing for the mouths of our leaders.

America is a lot like South Africa when it comes to its history, progress, and how the nation’s treat certain people of color. Race here is everything, although most people (especially non-White people) won’t acknowledge this. I hope the shutdown is over soon so that you can get on with the business of transitioning. In the meantime, please immerse yourself in history. For some reason, it keeps repeating itself. America is no different than any other country in the throws of the beginning of a civil war. How far it will go, no one knows.

Just be prepared for anything. Thanks for the well wishes…we will be riding this terrible time out together. We are a strong people, and this too shall pass.

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