You just preached a sermon here sir! Even our foreign policies are racist. America has destabilized nearly the entire continent of Africa. The continent has never recovered from colonialism. The new interlopers are the Chinese.

Race is in everything, and America needs to deal with that. We continue to not want to talk about it, deflect, get angry, shut people down, but we keep coming back to the same facts. America is a racist nation, and America doesn’t like to apologize (much like Trump). Trump is a reflection of America. How he governs, how he speaks, how he transfers power (from White men to White men), and how he refers to anything Brown as inferior unless you assimilate and kiss his ring.

If you resist, you pay. That’s what has happened to many Caribbean nations and territories. To take from America means to sell your soul and get tangled up in some trickery that you’ll never get out. America’s policies are always bad for Black and Brown people globally. Anything we do it’s to protect the order of White Supremacy. We must continue to talk about it. Whiteness must be willing to finally give up something to make things right. We must try to figure out how to take inventory of all the losses Black and Brown people have suffered at the hands of a White America. The veil has been lifted (again). What will we do with this moment is the real question.

I’m betting on nothing. I know my Whites, and they aren’t interested in changing. The majority are all talk, and no action.

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