You keep me inspired Jeanette. You Sharon, Allison, Julia Hubel, Sherry Kappel, there are a small coalition of women who get this.

I have spent the last two years teaching and making a case for this moment. You can't keep asking us to contribute to a society that doesn't contribute to our well-being. America not only hates us, they teach others to hate us. We're literally all we have, and we're finally starting to grapple with all the hate they instilled in us. I can tolerate ignorance as long as it's not physically harming me. We've (Blacks) have maxed out my tolerance levels. We're doing somuch harm to ourselves because we've been chasing dreams, mirages, and lies, desperate to be liked and respected.

They won't ever respect us. I believe I've made the cause and laid a ground work for focusing on a totally Black agenda.

The Miseducation of the Negro is such a good book. Boule Blacks hate it because it's the truth. My friends who fit into this category hate for me to start talking about how they are raising their kids to maintain White Supremacy. It's easy. It's comfortable. Sometimes they sing White Supremacy better than White people. I have to nip it in the bud. It really irritates me when educated Black folks bet on White before they'd bet on Black despite knowing our history.

There will be many left behind. They'll be like the folks who come to the big ole fancy church after it's built. They aren't interested in supporting the poor pastor's vision when it's in the storefront, struggling, in need of builders and money.

They just wanna come when it's T.D. Jakes' church on television.

Something about being desegregated has made us lazy. We don't want to work collaborataively. Again, the rugged individualism of Whiteness has also been ingrained in our psyches. Decolonizing our minds is imperative, but it's going to take practical lessons to breakthrough to our hard headed brothers and sisters. We gotta do it with love. I'm all for teaching and being patient, but I don't play games with folks and I don't have time to waste.

Either you're coming or you ain't. I'm fine with either decision. Don't stop me, and I won't stop them. The day is coming when White people and White businesses are going to segregate again. It's happening all over the world. Nothing will stop it from happening here. We can't even get folks to wear a darned mask. lol

I want us to be ready for what's coming. We're behind the power curve as it is. We have no more time to waste. We gotta learn to love each other where we are, educate each other, help each other get our villages back.

America education is propaganda and aspiring to be apart of White America takes away a lot of our natural instincts. It's not natural. We must work to get back to the basics and I'm here for it. I love that our ancestors left nuggets for us. No need to reinvent the wheel. Just take the knowledge and use it. Let's do that.

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