You knocked this one out of the park Lakitha Tolbert. I was thinking all of the things you said. The media missed entirely how significant the moment was because they chose to highlight Serena’s behavior instead of focusing on whether or not her petitions of bias were indeed true.

Isn’t it amazing how White people manage to overlook the darker skinned heritage in favor of the lighter complexion’s heritage when we happen to be biracial (and the combo includes some other lighter skin ethnicity or nationality)? Without even realizing it, White people and racist are indirectly signifying that being Black, Haitian, of some other African heritage or nationality, etc., when mixed with something else makes the something else bad. They even have the privilege of deciding which national origins for us are worth mentioning. It’s quite insulting.

Osaka went to school here in the U.S. in Broward County, FL, home of a HUGE Haitian-American population, yet they talked about her as if she is some special exotic magical unicorn who grew up in Japan and is not American. The child is American (lol). The media loves to White wash/light wash people of color, it’s simply another way to comfort them and their narratives. If it’s Black, it must be bad and we’ve already deemed being Black is bad, so let’s make it White/light so we can stomach this person.

That editorial cartoon (omg), I couldn’t believe it when I saw it. Women of Color of African descent all over the world could see how racist and derogatory that cartoon was. Yet again, our bodies are a mockery to the world. And of course when you’re a privileged man of European assholery descent, you can stand behind your “I don’t think my cartoon is racist” line. The racism in the cartoon simply describes the inhumane way he views women of color. It’s in his mind, and in his heart.

I don’t really expect anything different from Australia. They have a history of killing and demonizing their indigenous people in the same way America killed and demonized its indigenous people. The apples don’t fall far from the tree.

This crap is so old and lame. One day maybe someone will listen to us!

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