You know, for me it wasn’t about Hillary and her being a woman as it was with a lot of people I know who didn’t vote for her. It was the Bush effect. Bush I and II went to war, robbed us, got us in all kinds of shit overseas with terrible foreign policy, lies, etc. A lot of people did not want Bill Clinton in the White House again (I was one of them). There should never be family dynasties in democratic politics. There were so many things that feminists didn’t even consider when it comes to Hillary. She just wasn’t the right person, for so many reasons. The man thing is a real issue, and it’s never going away, especially in the religious communities. Good luck with that one.

We all were scratching our heads trying to figure out why they never chose someone else, and it eventually came to light.

As for Bernie Sanders, I have learned he’s not without sin too. If he runs, I’m spilling all the tea. He definitely wouldn’t be my pick this go round. What I’ve learned is that we were all tricked in both parties. Between propaganda, party politics, and dark money…we really didn’t stand a chance.

It’s up to us to do our own due diligence. We can’t allow media pundits to hype their picks, we can’t trust a word that comes from any pols mouth (especially before the general), nor can we expect either party to address our interests. It’s simply not going to happen. Know our evils, pick one that hurts us the least and try to be glad about it. The DNC screwed us royally. I hope that doesn’t happen in 2020. We are dealing with polished liars. That should never be forgotten.

Thanks for taking the time to read it. It was long, but sometimes you can’t tell a story in 1500 words lol. My pic was awesome, thanks!

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