You know, I don’t believe natural integration would have occured because the roots of White Supremacy is to take from others to sustain itself. I went to Barbados last year and one of the things the Bajan tour guide (who is pro-Black liberation I’d later discover) was sharing how the island exported all of the young people by believing getting an education and going to work for others. Now, 90% of what the island needs to sustain itself is imported. Young Bajans aren’t interested in farming, being mechanics, fishing, sewing, and other practical jobs/careers/industries that would sustain the island.

Sounds familiar?

The elders thought the way to better was to sit in the office like Jane and Chad. Working for someone else will never make us rich, it just makes us a slave. Bajans cannot build-up the country after being freed from slavery because they believed the same lie we did. Assimilation + Education = good. It doesn’t work like that for us. We must take care of our own, and our own communities. We should never be dependent on another man to feed us, yet in nearly every situation globally, we rely on sources to import food to us. We are so entrenched in White supremacy it seems like we can’t get out of it.

If our ancestors had focused on building up ourselves, training the next generation to be self-sustaining we may have grown slowly over time, but I don’t be believe one second integration would have taken place organically, because white supremacy wouldn’t be allowed to extract from our communities, time, talent, money etc. The majority of White people hate sharing and they love ruling. Their instinct would be to do what they’ve always done when we get too big for our britches. Divest, burn down, kill, destroy, intimidate, sit back and admire their work, wait on us to rise again so they can repeat it.

Equality requires all parties to share equally. White folks don’t like to share, they’ve always had more than everyone else and they like keeping it that way (hence what we see today), even if it hurts them in the process. White people couldn’t survive without creating a vilian and conning Black and Brown folks out of their resources. They know that. We apparently haven’t gotten the memo.

If we would have been more community focused/centered (i.e. raising future city planners, educators, manual laborers, bankers, farmers, good policing, healthcare professionals, scientists, engineers, grocers etc.) we could have replicated that model across the country. Had we built up HBCUs instead of running to White institutions thinking it would make life better for us, who knows what we could have invented and patented by know.

Our healthcare outcomes haven’t improved with desegregation. Our collective wealth hasn’t improved/increased. Our educational attainment hasn’t improved our plights. Our home ownership didn’t increase long-term. Nothing about desegregation has worked for us. I could be wrong, but it feels like we have less than we did when we started this journey. Yes, we have a few token entertainers and moguls to hold up as having made it, but they are exceptions, not the rules. They also likely sold themselves out to get into that circle. Nobody gets rich doing good and paying people fairly. It’s impossible.

Black people and people of color can live in peace and together without White supremacy. It’s going to require a sacrifice, but it definitely can be done. If you think about it, we already do business together, live together, and understand who/what the enemy is. We just need to live like we know it. Get back to the basics.

Sassy writer of unvarnished thoughts on anti-Blackness, racism, politics, Black people. | | | Twitter @MarleyK20 |

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