You know, I used to believe in capitalism until I started working in business, then for the government and nonprofit sectors. I learned about how unfair capitalism is, how the government has a hand in who wins and who loses, and how at the end of the day capitalism as is is unsustainable.

We’re all too poor to buy shit now, but they keep telling us we need to buy stuff. Does that make any sense? Our jobs don’t pay us enough to eat, pay rent/mortgage, and to buy gas/toll/train to get to our jobs AND buy stuff, but we are told we must do so to sustain America and make shareholders rich.

If people would use their common sense, they’d see capitalism is stupid as hell and makes absolutely no sense. You need “credit” to get a job. Really? If you don’t have money, borrow some to go to college, buy a car or a home, or to take a vacation. Use a hotel credit card pushed on you while booking a room because you have good credit. Capitalists will give us credit (money access to capital) to buy things we don’t need and it’s okay. If you don’t have money, you really shouldn’t buy that thing, but we do it because it’s what our economic system respects.

Don’t have the money to pay today, pay later. It makes no sense. Paying for life as you go to be debt free is bad (like paying for everything with cash, but borrowing money and paying for life later is good. It’s madness. It’s backwards. It’s unsustainable. It’s killing the average consumer. And if you can’t make a living lying, swindling, and peddling crap to people then you’re a bad person. I can’t do that. I’m going to be poor until I die and I’m fine with that. It’s one reason I had a problem with religion. Politics, religion, and capitalism are married and it conflicts with my soul.

Capitalism is terrible. We need look at different ways to sustain the people and our systems. Socialism is not the answer, but neither is capitalism. Great piece to start a dialog about what we can do to protect ourselves from this evil called our economy.

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