You know Ryan, I feel like we have unleashed the same sinister terror that’s crossing the globe with the nationalist. Having lived in the deep South all of my life, this atmosphere is different. It’s not going to end well. Many of us are living in terror. We can’t shop at the grocery store without worrying about getting shot in the head from behind, can’t break down on the side of the road and wait for AAA without being harassed, can’t drive a nice car, can’t go to the park…we can’t do shit without being harassed or worry about being killed.

Most of my friends carry at all times, we do to. We are hyper-vigilant, and wary of everyone. It’s no fun being a Person of Color right now, especially Black, Hispanic, or Jewish. No one believes us, and then when something does happen to us, half the time it’s not even reported.

What’s crazy is that the crazies go kill innocent people, in places where they should be safe. They are cowards in every sense of the word. Then the police can manage to shoot them (without killing them mind you) taking them into custody…while Black people getting stopped for not having insurance with concealed weapon permits end up dead, and nothing happens. If people can’t see racism and bias in our systems they are blind! I’m fighting, but I’m not going to be a siting duck either.

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